Explore Regional Hazards

Feedback Map

The Hazard Mitigation Plan Feedback Map application allows city/county officials and employees to propose potential projects for the Hazard Mitigation Plan and/or identify areas of concern in their community (such as a roadways or property that regularly flood during heavy rain). Click below to learn more about the map and how to interact with it.

Surveys & Time Tracking

BRADD manages and writes the Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan for your community. In order to do so, each community has committed to providing a certain amount of in-kind payment to offset the FEMA required match percentage of costs. This in-kind payment requires communities to dedicate a certain number of hours reviewing plan materials, attending meetings, and having conversations with BRADD staff. We need your help to fulfill this requirement. Click below to learn more about how we track and measure the in-kind and how you can help contribute.

County Steering Committees

Starting in 2021, BRADD is working with each of our 10 counties to draft county-level strategic plans. These local plans will funnel in to large regional plans, and allow BRADD to identify regional trends. This also allows for a more regional approach to community resiliency. In order to draft county-level strategic plans, BRADD has asked county officials to form county steering committees. These steering committees meet monthly to review any existing planning efforts in the community, provide input to regional plans, and set local-level goals and objects in order to build strong communities over the next five to twenty years. Click below for more information on the county steering committees and to connect with your local committee.